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Spiritual Coach, Author, Teacher, Psychic and Artist - Eryka has founded Empowered Living and the Academy of Soul Empowerment and more recently launched Zazen Art.  She is passionate about personal growth and spiritual development and trains people globally in her own soul-based coaching modality knows as Consciousness Coaching. Having worked with people across the world for more than a decade, she has proven to offer a depth of unique experience and knowledge that has supported thousands of people to transform their inner and outer lives. 


Thank you for visiting my art page. I have spent most of my life quietly creating artworks as a hobby and it is exciting and also quite scary to share my creations publicly. Art is such a personal and sacred act. It has been a wonderful teacher, healer and a bridge between my heart and mind, heaven and earth, the seen and unseen.

The canvas reflects back insecurities, identities, dreams, fears and reveals our patterns of thought and feelings that are often sitting unexpressed in our being. I started to paint as early as I can remember. Although art was a passion, I took a more conservative path and ended up in a corporate career for many years. Life challenges nudged me to stop being distracted by the superficial life and look deeper inside and explore who I was under all those suits. I realised there is a spirited inner child and gypsy soul inside and so I embarked upon a career in personal and spiritual development. I launched Empowered Living when I was 28, not knowing that I was about to journey through one of the hardest and darkest times in my life.  At 29 I experienced a painful divorce and later fell ill with a rare disease that I still manage today.


My entire life was overhauled. This illness had me confronting my mortality. This was the beginning of a whole new stage in my spiritual journey. It was terrifying and exhausting however it has allowed me to fast track to a higher consciousness. Art was ever present in my life, but it was then that my psychic and spiritual functions began to truly amplify. I spent a lot of time alone in prayer and contemplation. I wrote tonnes of poetry and created artworks as my own salve. Later I was called to launch the Academy of Soul Empowerment and develop a holistic coaching method. I now train people globally each year to become certified Consciousness Coaches and start their own soul driven business. 

I have spent over a decade supporting people to raise their consciousness, and now I hoping to do that in a whole new way. Through Zazen, I get to nurture my inner creative muse and and share and inspire other's to return to love through the power of art and story. Symbols and imagery has a wonderful way of speaking to the unconscious mind and accessing our soul in ways that words cannot.

I have never taken an art class apart from high school and have purposefully resisted being taught as I very much wanted to create from my heart and soul instead of my intellect. It has served me well and allowed me to overcome my ego and perfectionism. I create art with my heart and not my head or hands. I pray and meditate before every piece is created. I ask for guidance. I consecrate my canvas before I commence the creative process. It is very ritualistic. Each piece has its story and aims to speak to the deepest part of you.


I truly hope my art inspires you and reminds you that you are divinely guided, loved and so very enough! 

with love and gratitude, 

Eryka Stanton xo

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