A4 PRINT - Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Fine Art Paper

    Please note print is without framing


    After working as a global Psychic for more than 10 years, I have decided to offer these unique and personalised pieces of HIGH FREQUENCY art with channelled inspirational message. I am excited to bring you this unique spiritual offering. The entire process from meditation to creation and message transmission can take upto 3-4 hours to complete.


    When I meditate in the sunlight, I often receive very specific divine transmissions and symbols that carry a messages of higher guidance. These experiences have been called 'light codes' by some and are simply an intuitive symbolic representation of a psychic message. When I connect to my heart, these unique codings stream through effortlessly and they transmit a unique message of healing, inspiration and love. You might call it tapping into source, infinite intelligence, higher consciousness.


    It simply flows through me to deliver you the energy & message you need in life right now. Your unique SOLAR CODE is created to use as a piece of art that you can keep and will work as an activator to transmit relevant, encoded light information to your body/mind/heart unconsciously. These transmissions may boost your self awareness, instigate healings, shifts, purification or rebalancing.


    Each code has a unique colour and constellation of symbols and comes with a printed message that translates the psychic code.


    Solar Codes + Messages make a wonderful and unique gift idea. To order, I simply need the person's full name. I will then make space to create your unique code and have it printed to you on fine art paper along with a card that offers you the inspirational message.


    Turn around time is usually betweek one to two weeks.


    AU$280.00 Regular Price
    AU$252.00Sale Price
    • Due to the nature of these codes being personal and unique, there are no refunds.

    • Pick up in Melbourne is preferable however we can contact you directly to arrange postage interstate.

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